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ECERI focuses to promote the development of scientific research in the field of environmental carcinogenesis, cancer treatments and cancer environmental prevention, amplifying the seminal work of Lorenzo Tomatis, who was the Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) from 1982 to 1993. Lorenzo Tomatis is today represented by his son Paolo Tomatis, a founding member of ECERI.

ECERI's objective is on the one hand to look for the environmental causes of cancer and to study the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms which promote cancer occurrence; and on the other hand to set up and validate the preventive methods resulting from this research. As cancer can be considered a model of environmental disease, ECERI will consider other diseases from the stand point of their environmental causes. In sum, ECERI promotes multidisciplinary research in the field of environmental medicine.

The objectives of ECERI are:

1-      To facilitate scientific collaborations between cancer and environment research teams from the E.U. Member States.

2-      To be a go-between in contacts and negotiations with various European authorities supporting scientific research. To eventually be funded by European funding institutions for research programmes which have been decided and planned by the ECERI scientific Committee and set up by the ECERI scientific research coordinating group in Brussels and Paris.

3-      To boost fundamental and applied research in health -particularly oncology-, in compliance with the ECERI research and public health programmes.

4-      To lead innovative Europe-wide research in the fields of carcinogenesis, cancer treatments and of environmental prevention; with the aim of having a direct societal impact (declining disease incidence and mortality),

5-      To circulate the results of research to scientists, policy makers and the public,

6-      To develop a European database registering all scientific data in the fields of environmental CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic&reprotoxic) molecules and other environmental disease-causing agents, environment-related diseases and disorders, and of environmental prevention.

7-      To contribute to the informing of E.U. Member States on the different options for public health policies following scientific breakthroughs in the field of environmental health and prevention -by offering to them the advice of highly competent scientific experts, on the present state of research in the field of health, particularly of oncology.

8-      To set up close collaborations of trans-national public and private organisations including health research institutes,

9-      To contribute to the training of medical doctors and health researchers, through international colloquiums and adapted medical training in environmental medicine.

    ECERI Statutes

    The ECERI is an international non-profit organization created in Belgium, by Royal Decree, 18th of May 2011.

    To see the ECERI's statutes, please open the following pdf file :