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Support us

ECERI gets today its funding from its members, be they founding members (its main support being ARTAC)- or contractual partners such as private biology laboratories, in the framework of a collaborative work. However, these funds do not enable ECERI to conduct its research programs. Given the nature and the scope of its objectives and activities, and its absolute commitment to scientific objectivity, ECERI favours three types of  funding :
- from private non-profit Foundations involved in supporting health and environment research projects,
- from research contracts with medical or scientific partners, to conduct collaborative studies on specific topics,
- from European Union fundings (as ECERI's research program meet the European Community Health Program expectations.


    ECERI needs financial support to develop its research projects related to the following four key research areas :

    - Environment, mitochondria and metabolism, including among others study of the BM2607/05 biomarker,
    -  Health effects of electromagnetic fields,
    -  Psychologic stress and cancer,
    - Pesticides, nutrition and cancer.

    - ECERI 's prospectus for sponsorship and funding is underway; all collaborative proposals may be submitted to this e-mail address :

      If you want to support ECERI research projects

      The achievement of our research projects rely entirely on your support. We are very grateful to you for your financial support.

      Practically, your can donate by bank transfer using the following ID :

      KBC Bank   IBAN BE93 7340 3580 8567       BIC KREDBEBB     ECERI ASBL